Career Profile

I'm a data scientist which brings advanced analysis into practical IT-solutions using domain knowledge, machine learning, data visualization, and best practices in software engineering and scientific competing. I'm focused, systematic and a teamplayer.


Data Science Consultant

Jun. 2017 - Present

Currently, I work as a data scientist at SEGES, where I develop artificial intelligence solutions for the agricultural community in Denmark. My work concerns the development of systems for decision support and automation in many aspects of farming, for instance, management of crops, animals, environment, finances, and legal cases. If you have any interest in applying machine learning to data regarding agriculture, farming, or animals, you are welcome to contact me.
Some of the projects I have worked on are:

External Data Science Consultant

Dec. 2017 - May. 2018

I worked as an external data scientist consultant at SEGES, where I developed artificial intelligence solutions for the agricultural community in Denmark. I continued my work at SEGES as a permanent employee after six months as an external consultant.


Aug. 2017 - Nov. 2017
Netcompany A/S

At Netcompany A/S I contributed to the massive IT-project Kommunerne Ydelsessystem for the Danish municipalities. I was part of the team that performed the requirement analysis and design of the user interface for the future self-service, during my four months on this project.
This self-service will be used by all Danish citizens, that applies for cash benefits by their municipality. My work concerned designing, documenting, presenting, and clarifying the requirements and needs of the system in collaboration with the stakeholders, i.e. KOMBIT A/S and the Danish municipalities.

Student Information Engineer

Sep. 2015 - Sep. 2016
Enversion A/S

At Enversion A/S I have collaborated in a team both with employees and other student developers. I have worked with sensitive information and been a part of making decisions and implementations of data warehouse designs and C# solutions. I have acquired skills in Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), as well as Danish and international classification systems used in the health care sector.

Co-founder & Software Developer

Feb. 2015 - Jun. 2016
Radubyte I/S

At Radubyte I/S we developed mobile apps and websites as integrated solutions, using technologies as Xamarin, Python, Angular JS, and MongoDB. Radubyte I/S was founded by myself and two of my friends from my B.Sc. in computer science at Aalborg University. Due to the graduation of our bachelor, we went separate ways and we had to end Radubyte I/S.


I have contributed to these projects.

Data Version Control (DVC) - DVC is an open source product built to make ML models shareable and reproducible. It is designed to handle large files, data sets, machine learning models, and metrics as well as code. In my job as a data scientist I use DVC (see my use of DVC here), and in my spare time I contribute to DVC with the features I need in my daily work.Open source contribution
SSP Søg - SSP Søg is an iPhone app developed for Aalborg Kommune by Radubyte I/S. The app contains useful information for disadvantaged young people, living in Aalborg, Denmark. The information can be dynamically expanded or changed by Aalborg Kommune via a website. Project is archived - A simple portfolio website I developed for a journalist. Project is archived
Hotel Krogen - A Hotel Management system for booking rooms and facilities of a minor hotel. It was my 3'th semester project, and in the team of 6 computer scientists, I was resposiable for the webdesign, based on the wishes of the user. Project is archived
Fogh CMS - A simple CMS I developed while in high school. Project is archived
Old - My old portfolio website I developed while in high school. Project is archived

Skills & Proficiency

Machine learning






Web development